Where Are We Heading?

“A Kingdom village where heaven and earth intertwine…”

The Journey Church will become a Resource Center” that awakens sons and daughters to their identity and equips them for their destiny. In the midst of this, we see an Arts Center emerging, a beautiful chapel for a House of Wine (ongoing worship and prayer), offices for community-wide transformation, a recovery center, a school, and much more that has yet to be revealed. These things will come forth through people as they awaken to the simplicity and confidence of Christ in you, the hope of glory.”
We see a movement being sparked causing the exponential growth of churches—spiritual communities—which will all be centered around the finished work of Christ. This will begin in the gathering of the saints of the current “Journey Church” but will grow into new communities that meet in homes, schools, and other places. People will be drawn to these communities through love and relationship, as well as through creative and strategic outreach initiatives.  All of this will come about through the simple strategy of Awake, Arise, Advance . . .

The Next Three Years…
Passover 2017 to Passover 2020

  • Awake, Arise, Advance will be established as a clear strategy and discipleship process (see next page).
  • We will publish and print the Awake, Arise, Advance curriculum in order to put it in the hands of every person at Journey so that they can engage with it and bring it to others according to their own giftings and passions.
  • Among other ministries, we will develop and pioneer Awaken Recovery—a program geared toward helping the afflicted and addicted find their true identity in Christ.
  • The deepening of family & community: We will meet more in homes, then gather at Journey Church for community-wide equipping and celebration. 

Awake, Arise, Advance involves sowing the seed of “Awake” (the basic truths of the Gospel) in the field of humanity—through personal relationships or unique outreaches such as Awaken Recovery or a specific small group. As that seed is planted and people awaken to the love of God, it will grow into communities of believers. People will be called to “Arise” (the overflow of the Gospel—love, family, and community). From there, believers will be equipped to “Advance” (the spreading of the good news of reconciliation and identity), thus creating a cycle of new life and further awakening.

What Can You Do?

  • Help with the publishing, printing, and distribution of the Awake, Arise, Advance curriculum.
  • Assist with Awaken Recovery (marketing, curriculum development, leading a group, being a mentor, committing to pray for the ministry).
  • Invest your time and gifts into a home group.
  • Commit to fellowshipping more regularly at Family Events and other conferences and gatherings, which will all align around this vision.
  • Giving… Ask the Lord how He would want you to partner financially with Journey Church in this next season of vision and outreach. Pray for strategy and wisdom in all the financial needs that come with this.