What Does Our Logo Mean?

The image speaks to the cross and was created to represent an
Almond Tree and Lampstand

The Six “Branches”: seen stemming off the center line, are much like Moses’ Lampstand had six branches extending from a center pipe. In Exodus 25, you find that the Lampstand was fashioned after an Almond Tree. In the Hebrew, the almond tree is called the “Awake Tree,” because it is the first tree to “awaken” from its winter slumber. The church is called to be like the Almond Tree, which bears the fruit of new life and calls the rest of the world to wake up to the springtime of Christ’s resurrection. We are also like a bright Lampstand that illuminates the world to the love and presence of God.

The Number Six: Six is the number of man. (Rev. 13:18 & Gen. 1:26-31). However, joined together with God, you get 7, which is the number of perfection. This speaks to the reality that perfection only comes when we discover our union with God. The message of union with God through the finished work of the cross is the main message of our community.

The Triangle and the Trinity: The whole image is contained within a triangle, which is a reference to the ancient symbol of the Trinity. As a community that holds to a Trinitarian Gospel, this is foundational to who we are and Whose we are. God is a Triune Family, existing in the everlasting relationship of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Thus, the overflow of family and relationship is central to our identity as well.